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Moving to the Comox Valley

The Comox Valley is a beautiful place to call home. Not only is it one of the most scenic areas you could relocate to, but it also offers a lifestyle diversity that is hard to find in any other community. Where else can you go downhill skiing in the morning, tee off in the afternoon, enjoy a local culinary feast for dinner, and end the day watching the sunset from the beach? Relocating to the Comox Valley brings a quality of life that is hard to put a value on. I am a Brookfield relocation specialist working in the Comox Valley. I will introduce you to real estate opportunities in the area.

Comox Valley real estate opportunities are equally diverse. For those looking to simplify life and downsize, there are downtown condos for sale, patio homes and retirement community units. Beautiful ocean view and waterfront properties offer stunning views of the coastal mountain range and Georgia Strait. Rural treasures include acreage properties to buy that are perfect for hobby farming, or commercial agricultural undertakings such as wineries or organic products. Garden tours, and world-renowned botanical collections are also part of the celebrated agricultural community.

Historically, the K'ómoks First Nation called the Comox Valley  “the land of plenty”.  This bounty attracted the industries of coal mining, logging, fishing and agriculture and has woven a colourful tapestry of local history. If your interests go further back to include the pre-historic, the Comox Valley also boasts exciting findings in paleontology that include the fossil remains of an elasmosaur.

If the arts are your inspiration, the Comox Valley has a vibrant arts community that embraces the work of photographers, artisans, musicians, actors, dancers and writers. Maybe relocating to the Comox Valley is part of your retirement plan, and includes having the time to indulge your creative side. Inspiration is waiting.

If you’re relocating to 19 Wing Comox, planning your retirement, or wanting to introduce your growing family to recreational diversity, I will help you find the perfect real estate opportunity. Relocating to a new community always has its challenges. I would love to be among the first of many smiling faces that will greet you here in the Comox Valley to help you get settled.

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