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Thank you from a Soldier

 Dear Mr Elton Ash

 Regional Executive Vice President of RE/MAX.

 I would like to say thank you to your team in making my move the best experience ever. To tell a bit about myself, I am a Canadian Armed Forces Member for close to 27 years and have moved several times in my career. I have a wife who was severely struck down with Multiple Sclerosis and this story is about your team’s compassion for my wife and my military requirements.

 It started with my posting to Comox, British Columbia just about 4 years ago. I first tried other companies to help my move to Comox and found an unbelievable lack of understanding to my wife's condition. By luck, I came upon Ms. Cindy Armstrong from Courtenay and from this day, I cannot believe my good fortune. Most realtors could not even comprehend my wife's need to move around in a wheel chair and the problems of her ability to cognitively understand the questions and answers they brought. The others were almost demeaning to her and had massive intolerance to her slow responses.

 Now came Ms Armstrong I mean "WOW" she in minutes put my wife first and never once in all of these years looked at her watch realizing the length of a time it took my wife to discuss her needs. She realized we only had a short house hunting trip and her team was so prepared with the selection of houses by making sure all needs were met. She even used a box with my wife's chair measurements and previewed the dimensions to see if the house would work. Imagine any other realtor taking their own time checking out houses by physically holding a box? That alone gave my wife the confidence that she was being looked after. We successfully bought the right house and in a short time of two and a half years my job moved me again to Ontario.

 Again, we asked Ms Armstrong to help us and she was on the ball. I was leading all of my peers who were also being posted, with viewings and feedback and monthly reports. The market was so hard that year we only received one offer and Ms Armstrong represented us so well, we felt the loss of 28 thousand was minor, when it could have been so much more. The Military has a process for claim reimbursement. Due to our loss because of market depression we needed to show without a doubt, we tried everything to avoid a loss. Also we have to prove there was nothing more that could be done. You might know that the government requires a massive amount of documents and statistics. Ms Armstrong work over 2 weeks solid on her own time. She provided a 100 page document with an extremely full detailed market analysis and comparables to prove our case. It was so good that it is now on record as the only one to be granted a full reimbursement for last year. The grievance board said it was solely  to do with the work my realtor provided. That work saved me tens of thousands of dollars, just because she made the extra effort.

 We are now moving back to British Columbia because of my wife's worsening condition.  Ms Armstrong heard this and if you can believe it, she put her team up to the challenge to make my wife's move the greatest anyone could ever have. It started with her identifying what has change in my wife's health and our desire to move to Campbell River. She and her assistant Corissa worked tirelessly for weeks because we only had 2 months, from beginning to end, to make the move happen.

 All the houses were matching our needs and the days were mapped out with plans to see as many houses per day that we could.  This was important since we were under the constrictions of the military timeline to purchase.  She didn't miss a beat and we viewed about 18 houses per day!  We finally picked a new build and then her gloves came off.  She made sure my wife would get all her needs met with the contractor and did not settle for no.  She thought of things I didn't even know, and to put the icing on the cake she took what time we had left, to take my wife and her assistant to pick out the trimmings for the house. She used up days to help my wife Melanie get a house she so much deserves for putting up with a soldier’s life. 

 She and her assistant Corissa, knowing my stress and time sensitive move, have taken care of all my tasks essential for me to process my move with ease to our claims section.  From getting appliances, required receipts and the utilities connected.  Plus she volunteered to coordinate with my co-workers in CFB Comox to inspect my house 5 days before possession due to us being on the road until our possession date. It’s Ms Armstrong's desire to make sure that absolutely nothing will be missed for my wife's arrival.

 In closing most realtors have only a small bank of knowledge to what a soldier needs for a move. Then add a disabled person into the mix, those people are extremely rare to find.  Ms Cindy Armstrong in my opinion has worked extremely hard to obtain all the information a soldier may need for their move. For compassion to people with challenges in life I could not find anyone better and believe me..... I’ve really tried.


So thank you RE/MAX for providing us this luck to not settle for less than the best.


 Sgt Pat Barsy

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