Cindy Armstrong

Sold Listings

Below you will find REALTOR® Cindy Armstrong's sold Comox Valley real estate listings which include the communities of Courtenay, Comox, Cumberland, Union Bay, Fanny Bay, Merville and Black Creek  

3286 Majestic Dr, Courtenay 
1918 Chelsea Rd, Merville167 Urquhart Ave, Courtenay
9-1285 Guthrie Rd, Comox2515 Mabley Rd, Courtenay
58 Greyhawk Place, CourtenayLot B Emmerson Rd, Black Creek
2-390 Cowichan Ave, Courtenay515 Aspen Rd, Comox
205-840 Shamrock Pl, Comox1081 17th Street, Courtenay
2771 Ulverston Ave, Cumberland6144 Aldergrove Dr, Merville
109A-1800 Riverside Lane, Courtenay109B-1800 Riverside Lane, Courtenay
7914 White Duck Rd, Fanny Bay112 Arden Rd, Courtenay
2-2625 Mansfield Dr, Courtenay85 Willemar Ave, Courtenay
4674 Macintyre Ave, Courtenay455 ArrowSmith Ridge, Courtenay
767 8th Street, Courtenay877 3rd Street, Courtenay
2778 Derwent Ave, Cumberland1779 Astra Road, Comox
2723 Penrith Ave, Cumberland109-1919 St Andrews Pl, Courtenay
2215 Stewart Ave, Courtenay102-1260 Wally Rd, Comox
9526 Doyle Rd, Black Creek2778 Derwent Ave, Cumberland
4200 Buddington Rd, Courtenay2278 Invermay Rd, Courtenay
203-1537 Noel Ave, Comox3-840 Braidwood Rd, Courtenay
4411 Macaulay Rd, Black Creek2153 Crown Isle Dr, Courtenay
176 Butchers RD, Comox1365 Arden Rd, Courtenay
109-1919 St Andrews Pl, Courtenay776 7TH Street, Courtenay
313-3666 Royal Vista Way, Courtenay432-3666 Royal Vista Way, Courtenay
7711 Ships Point Rd, Fanny Bay4795 Upland Rd, Campbell River
3938 Island Hwy, RoystonLot 2 Island Hwy, Royston
5077 Headquarters Rd, Courtenay4348 Forbidden Plateau Rd, Courtenay
9-1050 8th Street, Courtenay124-1290 Crown Isle Dr, Courtenay
9411 Dolyle Rd, Black Creek5481 Langlois Rd, Courtenay
196 Beach Dr, Comox620 Jubilee Crt, Comox
529 25th Street, Courtenay2093 Beaton Ave, Comox
1045 Kye Bay Road, Comox2105 Cummings Road, Courtenay
579 11th Street, Courtenay2781 Penrith Ave, Cumberland
2493 Kinross Place, Courtenay16-255 Anderton Ave, Courtenay
1534 Nurmi Rd, Merville576 Hobson Place, Courtenay
4079 Carey Place, Royston1601 A Mclauchlin, Courtenay
2495 Brookfield Dr, Courtenay2005 Cumberland Rd, Courtenay
2168 Lalum Rd, Black Creek922 Crown Isle Dr, Courtenay
620 5th Street, Courtenay4353 Macaulay Rd, Black Creek
1545 Skeena Drive, Comox102 1290 Crown Isle Dr, Courtenay
2718 Allen Ave, Cumberland3286 Majestic Dr, Courtenay
1321 Coast View Dr, Comox4893 Greaves Cres, Courtenay
2059 Beach Drive, Comox3389 Egremont Rd, Cumberland
59 1901 Ryan E Rd, Comox475 Panorama Cres, Courtenay
6408 Bishop Rd, Courtenay218&220 Baynes Dr, Fanny Bay
1086 Malahat Drive, Courtenay2311 Catherwood Rd, Merville
224 Spindrift Rd, Courtenay1545 Grieve Ave, Courtenay
1725 Valley View Dr, Courtenay304 1045 Cumberland Rd, Courtenay
543 5th Street, Courtenay2173 Gull Ave, Comox
1530 Griffin Dr, Comox2050 lambert Dr, Courtenay
PCL B Afton RD, Courtenay106 840 Shamrock Pl, Comox
656 Robron Rd, Campbell River4157 Chancellor, Courtenay
45 2300 Murrelet Dr, Comox6380 Bishop Rd, Courtenay
109A 1800 Riverside Lane, Courtenay109B 1800 Riverside Lane, Courtenay
2464 Dakota Place, Comox1 500 Crown Isle Dr, Courtenay
304 1045 Cumberland Rd, Courtenay4680 B Muir Rd, Courtenay
7780 Vivian Way, Fanny Bay4094 Carey Place, Royston
5909 Garvin Rd, Union Bay711 9th St, Courtenay
304 1045 Cumberland Rd, Courtenay413 1944 Riverside Lane, Courtenay
7780 Vivian Way, Fanny Bay4094 Carey Pl, Royston
205 840 Shamrock Pl, Comox535 3666 Royal Vista Way, Courtenay
110 4717 Muir Rd, Courtenay1533 Kye Bay Rd, Comox
4849 Kilmarnock Dr, Courtenay885 Timerline Dr, Campbell River
4100 Fraser Rd, Courtenay655 12th St, Courtenay
1951 Thurber Rd, Comox380 Stelling Rd, Fanny Bay
1779 Astra, Comox5052 venture Rd, Courtenay
2 232 Birch St, Campbell River105A 178 Back Rd, Courtenay
710 11th Street, Courtenay336 2300 Mansfield Dr, Courtenay
335-3666 Royal Vista Way, Courtenay411 Anderton Rd, Comox
24 2355 Valley View Dr, Courtenay5491 Langlois Rd, Courtenay
#104-1045 Cumberland Rd, Courtenay302-4686 Alderwood Pl, Courtenay
13 119 20th Street, Courtenay20 2197 Murrelet Dr, Comox 
642 3666 Royal Vista Way, Courtenay204 1260 Wally Rd, Comox
334 3666 Royal Vista Way, Courtenay142 Henry Rd, Campbell River
1873 Singing Sands, Comox1453 Crown Isle Drive, Courtenay
1818 Astra Road, Comox546&548 Kinnikinik Way, Comox
3280 Majestic Dr, Courtenay2178 Downey Ave, Comox
214 3666 Royal Vista Way, Courtenay3779 Meredith Dr, Royston
175 Bay Court, Comox12 1935 Capelin Pl, Comox
113 2300 Mansfield Dr, Courtenay Lot 138 Conrad Rd, Courtenay
 5375 Langlois Rd, Courtenay  632 3666 Royal Vista Way, Courtenay
 205 1260 Wally Rd, Comox 324 3666 Royal Vista Way, Courtenay
 Lot 1 Maple Lane, Royston 3278 Majestic Dr, Courtenay
471 Anderton  Rd, Comox3309 8th Street, Cumberland
3391 Majestic Dr, Courtenay 5961 Aldergrove, Courtenay
1706 Capilano Ave, Comox619 Crown Isle Dr, Courtenay
261 Woods Ave, Courtenay1671 Elm Ave, Comox
2470 Fitzell Rd, Courtenay3400 Coniston Cres, Cumberland
1830 Cleland Place, Courtenay1983 Comox Ave, Comox,
2077B Mission Rd, Courtenay1438 Sitka Ave, Courtenay
25 2727 Bristol Way, Courtenay102 1260 Wally Rd, Comox
2832 Wellington, Cumberland634 3666 Royla Vista Way, Courtenay
479 Anderton Rd, Comox2140 20th street, Courtenay
636 3666 Royal Vista Way, Courtenay4 1220 Guthrie Rd, Comox
616 3666 Royal Vista Way, Courtenay612 3666 Royal Vista Way, Courtenay
1855 Willemar Ave, Courtenay3449 Hope Road, Cumberland
1160 A 5th Street, CourtenayLt 70 Vivian Way, Union Bay
2625 Tull Place, Courtenay1031 4th Street, Courtenay
1696 Robb Ave, Comox130 Back Road, Courtenay
3783 Meredith Dr, Royston#2 2625 Mansfield Dr, Courtenay
1204 Slater Pl , Comox5791 Garvin Rd, Union Bay
2887 Gatehouse Pl, Courtenay1250 Beckton Dr, Comox
4087 Carey Pl, Royston4883 Greaves Cres, Courtenay
1282 Crown Place, Comox2835 Bruce Street, Cumberland
#14 2140 20th Street, Courtenay,3359 Westwood Road, Cumberland
1251 Mason Ave, Comox1925 Vera Drive, Courtenay
366 Hatton Road, Royston2156 Blue Jay Pl, Courtenay
625 3666 Royal Vista Way, Courtenay77-4714 Muir road, Courtenay
635 3666 Royal Vista Way, Courtenay641 3666 Royal Vista, Courtenay
613 3666 Royal Vista  Courtenay3888 Island HWY, Royston
103 Mitchell Place, Courtenay7890 Ships Point Rd, Fanny Bay
768 7th Street, Courtenay1501 Sitka Ave, Courtenay
4668 Kilmarnok Drive, Courtenay2342 Suffolk Cres, Courtenay
711 9th Street, Courtenay2793 Dunsmuir Ave, Cumberland
2458 Canuck Place, Comox1575 Owen Road, Courtenay
1799 Astra Road, Comox2099B Mission Road, Courtenay
2400 Idiens Way, Courtenay1767 Valley View Dr., Courtenay
1579 Beaconsfield Cres., Comox2455 Avro Arrow, Courtenay
7894 Island Hwy. Fanny Bay2999 Elderberry Cres., Courtenay
2709 Huband Road Courtenay1680 Dingwall Road, Courtenay
#167-4714 Muir Road, Courtenay2008 Beaufort Avenue, Comox
1973 Noort Pl  (FSBO), Courtenay2730 Piercy Ave, (FSBO), Courtenay
Lot 2 Carter Road, Fanny Bay4693B Cruickshank Ave, Courtenay
975 Sand Pines Drive, Comox7908 Carter Road, Fanny Bay
Lot 53 Baynes Drive, Fanny Bay1930 Richardson Road, Comox
2355 Tull Avenue, Courtenay2107 Blue Jay Place, Courtenay
3186 Royal Vista Way, Courtenay326 Forester Avenue, Comox
3822 Laurel Drive, Royston#15 - 730 Aspen Road, Comox
1412 Ridgemount Drive, Comox#373-3399 Crown Isle Dr, Courtenay
2864 Denman Street, Comox2375 Grantham Place, Courtenay
1710 Kincora Grove, Comox2260 Willemar Avenue, Courtenay
#346-2300 Mansfield Dr, Courtenay280 Denman Street, Comox
1975 Toronitz Road, Comox,#103-1260 Wally Road, Comox
8282 Island Highway, Black CreekLot 24 Baillie Road, Comox
1534 Nurmi Road, Merville#3-950 Braidwood Road, Courtenay
2434 Inverclyde Way, Courtenay4663 McQuillan Road, Courtenay
1785 Spruce Way, Comox1715 Swan Crescent, Courtenay
6340 Bishop Road, Courtenay1600 1st Street, Courtenay
427 Ensign Street, Comox7894 Ships Point Road, Fanny Bay


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